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Sullivan County Community College
112 College Road
Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759

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Sullivan County Community College

Reducing Pharmaceuticals in Water: Update on New York’s Proactive Approach to Household, Institutional, and Manufacturing Discharges
(Scott Stoner, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)
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Enhancing the Protection of Municipal Drinking Water Sources,
(Steve Winkley, New York Rural Water Association)
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Local Discussion
Local discussion was held at each of the regional forum locations on March 10, 2011. At the conclusion of the forum, each location summarized the dialogue in three categories: Highlights of the Local Forum; Major Issues/Challenges; and Next Steps. This forum location submitted the following report:

Highlights of The Local Forum

What is working or could work?

  • Land use planning at the local level; profits by industry, private, and agriculture
  • Activism: especially effective when there is a tangible immediate amount
  • Wellhead protection program (communication could be enhanced)

Major Issues or Challenges

  • Local Planning- education of planning boards. Education is limited by insurance concerns. Source water is a low priority
  • Exemptions (all levels) that compromise human health (agriculture, hydraulic fracturing, etc.)
  • Irreversible impacts from hydraulic fracturing
  • Infrastructure needs
  • Human waste

Next Steps

  • Enhanced enforcement by the state
  • Enhance transparency- state and federal agencies
  • Regulations – strengthen them(at all levels of government)
  • Raising money (taxes, contributions, water rates, funding to agencies, permit fees, grants)
  • Education and outreach by utilities
  • Collaboration with similar organizations

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