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Trabant University Center
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Newark, Delaware

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University of Delaware Newark Campus

Presentations from the forum are available online courtesy of the Delaware Source Water Assessment and Protection Program:

Local Discussion
Local discussion was held at each of the regional forum locations on March 10, 2011. At the conclusion of the forum, each location summarized the dialogue in three categories: Highlights of the Local Forum; Major Issues/Challenges; and Next Steps. This forum location submitted the following report:

Highlights of The Local Forum

What is working or could work?

  • Active stakeholder groups
  • Delaware River Basin Commission & Partnership for Delaware Estuary – coordination with state and local agencies and active public involvement
  • Many of the issues presented are well in hand with respect to being addressed at the local and state level

Major Issues or Challenges

  • Making funding options work and potential legislation
  • Coordination between land use officials and technical experts
  • Measuring & Implementation of Monitoring Results

Next Steps

  • Funding
  • Education and Advisory
  • Measuring & Implementation of Monitoring Results

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